Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Laptop Accessories To Add To Your Wish List

I haven’t gotten my laptop yet, but I should have one within the next 3 months, (keeping fingers and toes crossed). I really need one so I can work online and be somewhat mobile. Below are a few accessories that I’m adding to my wish list, and hopefully will have them by the time I’m ready to buy the laptop. Maybe this list will give you some ideas to get for your own laptop.

Laptop Sleeve

Above all else, I want to protect my laptop computer from damage. I’m not one to carry around big bulky things like some of the laptop cases I’ve seen. I need something more lightweight, so I think a laptop sleeve would be better than a big leather or vinyl case. My daughter, Jess, has a nice leather case, but it’s rather large and I’d hate to tote that thing around all day, and you never know when you may have to do just that. So, yeah, I’m going to stick with something simple like this one:
laptop sleeve


Laptop Stand

Now, just so you know, laptop stands come in many shapes, sizes, and styles and they have different purposes. Personally, I need to have a laptop stand that I can pull up to the sofa and use my laptop while I’m watching TV. The one below is simple, yet it is exactly what I need. You may prefer something more elaborate or something for a completely different purpose.
laptop stand



headset A headset is not specifically for a laptop, but for me, it will be a must. I am a frequent visitor to Second Life, and I will be visiting there a lot with my laptop, since then, I’ll be able to carry it with me wherever I go -- and the headset will come in very handy when my BFF, who lives far, far away from me, are hanging out together there It will sure beat having to type text for everything we want to say. So yeah, this is definitely going on my wish list!

Optical Mouse
optical mouse I don’t know about you, but I will have a hard time getting used to the touchpad on a laptop. I’ve tinkered with my daughter’s laptops on occasion, and I just get so frustrated trying to use the touchpad. It’s just so foreign to me. So, to keep things simple for myself, I’m going to have an optical mouse on hand for times when I just want to revert back to the good ole days. They can be corded or cordless, whichever your preference may be. Mine would definitely be cordless. An optical mouse is so much better than the traditional mouse with the ball in the bottom because it makes cleaning a snap. Yeah, I’m soooo lazy.

Cordless Keyboard
wireless keyboard I know this may seem pointless to some, but I’m just weird when it comes to my peripherals. I enjoy having a lot of room on a keyboard, and sometimes the laptop just makes me claustrophobic. I would at least like to have a wireless keyboard on hand for times when I want to spread out, so to speak. I know, I know. I’m just weird that way.

What about you? What are some laptop accessories you can’t live without?

Monday, May 10, 2010

MyLikes - Become An Influencer and Get Paid

What Is It?

MyLikes is an innovative advertisement platform launched on January 6, 2010 that allows Twitter users and bloggers to become influencers and endorse products and services that they like and get paid for it on a cost-per-click basis. Influencers choose Likes that are relevant to their audience and recommend them to their followers, readers, and subscribers. The more influential one is and the more relevant their Likes, the higher the cost per click.

How It Works

  • Find and choose from a list of relevant advertisers that are useful to you and your audience.
  • Create Sponsored Likes and post them to your Twitter feed or your blog.
  • The more influential you are and the more relevant your Likes are, the higher your cost per click.
 MyLikes continuously measures your relevance based on the number of clicks generated relative to the size of your audience. They will then adjust your cost-per-click to reflect how relevant you are to your audience.

Ways To Post Your Likes

  • Tweet your Likes - If you like an advertiser you want to Tweet about, you simply create your Tweet and MyLikes will post it on Twitter for you. You can schedule it to be posted at any time you want.
  • Embed a MyLikes widget- Choose the size, color and font to match your website and cut and paste some code to your blog. You are allowed to pick your own settings such as the number of Likes you want to show in the widget, the maximum number of Likes, only Likes from certain topics, number of comments, etc. MyLikes will automatically pick the regular and Sponsored Likes from amongst all your likes based on these settings.
  • Post your Like as a blog post - You may also post Likes as blog posts. MyLikes currently supports Blogger and gives you code for other platforms. These posts will be clearly marked as sponsored.

How and When You Are Paid

  • Paypal
  • Fridays
In order to be paid by MyLikes you will need to specify a PayPal account. Once you've done that, any pending balance over $2 will be transferred to your account each Friday. (Any funds accrued on Friday will be transferred the following Friday).

MyLikes allows you to donate your earnings to charity. They currently work with ten popular charities and you can choose to donate your earnings to any one of them. The name of the charity you choose will be prominently displayed on your profile.

For further info, check the detailed FAQ section.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MobileFun For Your iPhone Accessories

Let’s face it, in today’s technological world, if you are planning to go mobile, the iPhone seems to be the way to go. It is almost like carrying around your own tiny personal computer. I personally don’t have one…yet. I say “yet” because I do plan to get one within the next six months to a year. And of course, when I do get one, I am going to need some iPhone accessories in order to enhance my mobile experience. I think it’s a good idea to start looking around for those accessories now.

Today, I was browsing around the web looking for an iPhone case and came across the coolest thing I’ve seen in years! Check it out! It’s an XtremeMac Sportswrap Armband Case! This kind of thing is perfect for me, because I ride a bike or walk wherever I go (since my poor car got wrecked - don’t feel sorry for me, I need the exercise). I would highly recommend this case to anyone who takes part in sports or someone who walks or jogs everyday to stay fit and healthy. Hey, that’s what being mobile is all about, right?

However, if you drive a car, you may want to invest in an iPhone car charger. Believe me, if I have a new car by the time I have an iPhone, I will definitely get one of these. When out and about, no one wants to have to search around for an electrical jack to plug in your phone if it the battery gets low, now do they? Of course not. That is why it is always good to have one of these around.

If you already have an iPhone, or you’re planning to buy one and you’re looking around for accessories, I recommend you check out MobileFun. Looks like they have everything you will need.

Monday, June 15, 2009

CashPirate - My New Favorite GPT Site

I know, it has been ages since I posted here, but to tell you the truth, I haven't had internet at home. Actually, I still don't, but I have moved my computer to my daughter's house, which is only a couple of blocks from my house, so I'm online quite often now. So, without further ado...

I figured now would be a good time to mention my new favorite GPT (get-paid-to) site. Ever since SWATcash shut down, (and oh, how depressing that was), it has been difficult for me to find another place that even comes close to what that place was. But thanks to my friend, Geek Dad, I have found that place - and it is called

At CashPirate, you can earn money by signing up for FREE offers and surveys. The biggest reason you should join this site is because once you reach $4.99, you can cashout via Paypal, and be paid INSTANTLY! This is no joke, folks. You do not have to wait for payments. As soon as you click the Cashout button, you are paid!

NOTE: Make sure you've rounded off your cashout to the nearest cent, (e.g. $5.32 and not $5.325 - get it?) OR, if Paypal happens to be doing maintenance at the time you try to cashout, then it probably won't go through and you'll need to try again after Paypal finishes maintenance.

Other payment options are eBay and Amazon gift cards. There are also offers you can complete that have a point value. You can save up those points and redeem them for a variety of prizes like gift cards, cash, and t-shirts.

I know for a fact that CashPirate is a legitimate, paying site. Here is proof of my last three payments, all of them paid instantly via Paypal.

Yes, I know it says gptCOMMISSION, but that is their business name in Paypal.

Don't forget to check out CashPirate's cool treasure quest. Once you have completed certain tasks on the site, such as completing offers or referring new members, you will unlock a quest item, (i.e. compass, map, gun, etc.). Once you've unlocked all 10 items, you can then see the treasure you've won. I don't personally know anyone who has completed the quest yet. I, myself, am only halfway there. But I don't really want to know what it is until I get there.

Oh and one more thing: you can follow CashPirate on Twitter: @CashPirate. I suggest you follow them if you're a Twitter user, because they frequently give out promotional codes there.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Check out My TV Options for your television needs

imageMy hubby and I have been discussing our television service, which at the moment is the local cable company. I have been pretty happy with it except for the fact that it’s terribly expensive. I suggested to him that we look into other options, and see what other companies had to offer. The problem is, we have never had anything other than local cable, so we weren’t exactly sure what our options were and if they’d even be suitable to our needs.

After a bit of looking around, I came across a site called My TV Options. At the home page of the site, I selected the features that we would like to have, such as DVR, movie channels and local channels. I then entered my zip code and was taken to a results page that gave me a rundown on each of the features I had chosen, and recommended that DirectTV was the best option for our television needs, and they even supplied the phone number for direct tv in my area.

So, I’ll be giving directtv a call and checking out their packages as soon as possible. If you’re not sure which television option is best for your family, I recommend letting My TV Options direct you to the right place.