Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Laptop Accessories To Add To Your Wish List

I haven’t gotten my laptop yet, but I should have one within the next 3 months, (keeping fingers and toes crossed). I really need one so I can work online and be somewhat mobile. Below are a few accessories that I’m adding to my wish list, and hopefully will have them by the time I’m ready to buy the laptop. Maybe this list will give you some ideas to get for your own laptop.

Laptop Sleeve

Above all else, I want to protect my laptop computer from damage. I’m not one to carry around big bulky things like some of the laptop cases I’ve seen. I need something more lightweight, so I think a laptop sleeve would be better than a big leather or vinyl case. My daughter, Jess, has a nice leather case, but it’s rather large and I’d hate to tote that thing around all day, and you never know when you may have to do just that. So, yeah, I’m going to stick with something simple like this one:
laptop sleeve


Laptop Stand

Now, just so you know, laptop stands come in many shapes, sizes, and styles and they have different purposes. Personally, I need to have a laptop stand that I can pull up to the sofa and use my laptop while I’m watching TV. The one below is simple, yet it is exactly what I need. You may prefer something more elaborate or something for a completely different purpose.
laptop stand



headset A headset is not specifically for a laptop, but for me, it will be a must. I am a frequent visitor to Second Life, and I will be visiting there a lot with my laptop, since then, I’ll be able to carry it with me wherever I go -- and the headset will come in very handy when my BFF, who lives far, far away from me, are hanging out together there It will sure beat having to type text for everything we want to say. So yeah, this is definitely going on my wish list!

Optical Mouse
optical mouse I don’t know about you, but I will have a hard time getting used to the touchpad on a laptop. I’ve tinkered with my daughter’s laptops on occasion, and I just get so frustrated trying to use the touchpad. It’s just so foreign to me. So, to keep things simple for myself, I’m going to have an optical mouse on hand for times when I just want to revert back to the good ole days. They can be corded or cordless, whichever your preference may be. Mine would definitely be cordless. An optical mouse is so much better than the traditional mouse with the ball in the bottom because it makes cleaning a snap. Yeah, I’m soooo lazy.

Cordless Keyboard
wireless keyboard I know this may seem pointless to some, but I’m just weird when it comes to my peripherals. I enjoy having a lot of room on a keyboard, and sometimes the laptop just makes me claustrophobic. I would at least like to have a wireless keyboard on hand for times when I want to spread out, so to speak. I know, I know. I’m just weird that way.

What about you? What are some laptop accessories you can’t live without?

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