Monday, June 15, 2009

CashPirate - My New Favorite GPT Site

I know, it has been ages since I posted here, but to tell you the truth, I haven't had internet at home. Actually, I still don't, but I have moved my computer to my daughter's house, which is only a couple of blocks from my house, so I'm online quite often now. So, without further ado...

I figured now would be a good time to mention my new favorite GPT (get-paid-to) site. Ever since SWATcash shut down, (and oh, how depressing that was), it has been difficult for me to find another place that even comes close to what that place was. But thanks to my friend, Geek Dad, I have found that place - and it is called

At CashPirate, you can earn money by signing up for FREE offers and surveys. The biggest reason you should join this site is because once you reach $4.99, you can cashout via Paypal, and be paid INSTANTLY! This is no joke, folks. You do not have to wait for payments. As soon as you click the Cashout button, you are paid!

NOTE: Make sure you've rounded off your cashout to the nearest cent, (e.g. $5.32 and not $5.325 - get it?) OR, if Paypal happens to be doing maintenance at the time you try to cashout, then it probably won't go through and you'll need to try again after Paypal finishes maintenance.

Other payment options are eBay and Amazon gift cards. There are also offers you can complete that have a point value. You can save up those points and redeem them for a variety of prizes like gift cards, cash, and t-shirts.

I know for a fact that CashPirate is a legitimate, paying site. Here is proof of my last three payments, all of them paid instantly via Paypal.

Yes, I know it says gptCOMMISSION, but that is their business name in Paypal.

Don't forget to check out CashPirate's cool treasure quest. Once you have completed certain tasks on the site, such as completing offers or referring new members, you will unlock a quest item, (i.e. compass, map, gun, etc.). Once you've unlocked all 10 items, you can then see the treasure you've won. I don't personally know anyone who has completed the quest yet. I, myself, am only halfway there. But I don't really want to know what it is until I get there.

Oh and one more thing: you can follow CashPirate on Twitter: @CashPirate. I suggest you follow them if you're a Twitter user, because they frequently give out promotional codes there.


  1. its really interesting .............. thanks for this information

  2. Maybe you should go back to this site!! :P

  3. Hmmm...maybe you're right. I haven't been there in ages.