Friday, January 2, 2009

Check out My TV Options for your television needs

imageMy hubby and I have been discussing our television service, which at the moment is the local cable company. I have been pretty happy with it except for the fact that it’s terribly expensive. I suggested to him that we look into other options, and see what other companies had to offer. The problem is, we have never had anything other than local cable, so we weren’t exactly sure what our options were and if they’d even be suitable to our needs.

After a bit of looking around, I came across a site called My TV Options. At the home page of the site, I selected the features that we would like to have, such as DVR, movie channels and local channels. I then entered my zip code and was taken to a results page that gave me a rundown on each of the features I had chosen, and recommended that DirectTV was the best option for our television needs, and they even supplied the phone number for direct tv in my area.

So, I’ll be giving directtv a call and checking out their packages as soon as possible. If you’re not sure which television option is best for your family, I recommend letting My TV Options direct you to the right place.



  1. I switched from Comcast to DirecTV and never looked back. Well, I didn't look back until I moved into an apartment that didn't allow sat service.

    I got more HD channels with DirecTV than I did regular channels with Comcast for $3 less a month. Granted, you have to pay for your DVR, but the end result is a much better television experience.

  2. Known Human, thanks for your input. I definitely think DirecTV is the way to go for us. A friend of mine has it and pays much less per month than we do for cable television.

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