Monday, January 7, 2008

Best Canadian Job and Hiring Resource

Monster is one of the best resources online for both job hunters and employers. They continue to offer the best solutions for those searching for the right job, and for those recruiting for positions in their company. Monster has been around for many years and their methods are tried and true; they know what works and will pass that information along to you. It is simply the best job search and recruitment resource out there. But Monster isn't just for those in the United States. Canadians can also benefit from their valuable resources at

I have searched for jobs many times in my lifetime, and I know how extremely frustrating it can be if you don't have access to the right resources. Scouring through help wanted ads that are not relevant to your search can become terribly time-consuming and often disappointing when you can't find what you're looking for. simplifies this process by matching you with employers looking to hire someone with your qualifications. You also have the ability to post your resume online for employers to view. Or browse through their job listings to see what's being offered. will even alert you via email of new job openings fitting your criteria. Browse through employer profiles and read up on the companies before you apply to them. I also recommend you take advantage of the great advice offered in their Career Centre. Take a self-assessment test to find out what you need to work on in order to better your skills, or get through that tough interview. There is a wealth of information and advise there to help you.

With so many employers competing for recruits, it can become difficult for your job offers to be seen among all the classified ads listings that are out there. gives you an edge by offering you greater visibility and customizable solutions to fit your recruitment needs. Browse the resume database to find suitable candidates to hire; save the promising resumes to a folder and come back to them later to make your decision. Posting a job is easy, and gives you detailed instructions on how to post it and get the best results.

Whether you are looking for a job, or recruiting for one, you'll find that is a very helpful site that is easy to navigate and filled with useful tips and information. It's definitely the best job related resource on the internet today.

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