Monday, January 7, 2008

SquishyCash Contests And Promotions For January

I know a week has already passed for January, but I still want to let you know about the contests and promotions going on at one of my favorite GPT sites, SquishyCash. They always have awesome contests going on throughout each month, and I have racked up some cool cash by competing in them. Check'em out!

Note: A GPT (get-paid-to) site is a place where you earn money by signing up for offers and completing surveys. Membership is always free, and your own money is never required in order to earn. There are usually offers posted at these places where you will need a credit card in order to sign up, and those offers pay very well, but it isn't necessary to do these. There are tons of freebie offers at all the GPT sites that I post here at Spiral Journal, so you will never have to spend money in order to earn.


This week (beginning today):

Monday - 01/07/08: 5-day earnings contest starts - First wins $100!
Tuesday - 01/08/08: 7-day completions contest starts - First wins $50!
Thursday - 01/10/08: Earn $3 for every 12 offers approved!
Saturday- 01/12/08: 1-day earnings contest - First wins $20 instantly via PayPal.

Next week:

Sunday - 01/13/08: $1 bonus for ALL members who have an offer approve today only!
Monday - 01/14/08: Double your chips promotions starts!
Tuesday - 01/15/08: Earn $3 win a buck starts!
Wednesday - 01/16/08: 50% earnings bonus today only!
Thursday - 01/17/08: 7-day earnings contest starts - First wins $100!
Friday - 01/18/08: $2 bonus for every $5+ offer approved today only!
Saturday - 01/19/08: 1-day completions contest - First wins $20 instantly via PayPal!

1/20/08 thru 1/26/08:

Sunday - 01/20/08: Earn a buck win a buck today only!
Monday - 01/21/08: Double your chips promotion starts!
Tuesday - 01/22/08: Earn $3 win a buck starts!
Thursday - 01/24/08: Earn $3 for every 12 offers approved promotion starts today!
Friday - 01/25/08: 5-day earnings contest starts - First wins $50!
Saturday - 01/26/08: 1-day earnings contest - First wins $20 instantly via PayPal!

1/27/08 thru 1/31/08:

Sunday - 01/27/08: $1 bonus for all members that have an offer approve today!
Monday - 01/28/08: 3-day 25% earnings bonus starts today!
Thursday - 01/31/08: January earnings contest ends; January referral contest ends. Also, High Roller drawing tonight!


As you can see, on the 31st, there are month-long contests ending that weren't mentioned above because they started last week. Here they are:

January earnings contest: Earn $250 or more in offers and automatically win $20!
January referral contest: Paying 10 spots in cash and chips - First wins $20!

I'm sorry I'm a week late in letting you know about these contests and promotions, but the holidays have kept me quite busy.

Ok, so now that you are up to date, get on over there and SIGN UP!

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