Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 7 P's

In an attempt to get to know his fellow bloggers, Bucky at The WVb - a blog about everything and nothing created this meme entitled "The 7 P's."

Well, thanks to Jos at NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection), this meme has found it's way to me.

  • Fill out the 7 P's and post them in an entry at your own blog.
  • Tag 5 blogs that you read on a regular basis
  • Link back to the blog that tagged you
So here are my 7 P's:
  1. Passion - writing, making a living online, love
  2. Purpose - to make every experience a learning one
  3. Pursuit - to build a successful and happy life with my husband
  4. Position - wife, mother, daughter, sister
  5. Pummeling - procrastination
  6. Progress - learning something new everyday
  7. Personality - loving, generous, intelligent, tender-hearted, kind, witty
I am tagging the following bloggers:
  1. Bill at "My Everyday Life"
  2. Susan at "Social Networking"
  3. Tabitha at "The Life and a day in the thoughts of TJ"
  4. Groovy Granny at "Psychadelicatessen"
  5. Orbital Moon at "Orbital Moon's Mind Portal" - (which also happens to be my husband)
I look forward to reading all their responses to this meme!

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  1. Hi SpiralButterfly! You did a wonderful job here. Thank you for picking up on this one, I know how hard tags like this one can be..
    I will do a little post on this one later on, with natural links to the 7P's result pages of my 'taggees'. Thanks again and take care! -Jos:)

  2. Passion - My Faith, My children, My husband..Love of my family

    Purpose -To always show my children Life in a peaceful world

    Pursuit - To make a peaceful, earth friendly world for my family

    Position - wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend

    Pummeling - analytical

    Progress - Learning and looking at everything like it was the first time I had ever saw it..through the eyes of my children

    Personality - loving, generous, intelligent, tender-hearted, strong, witty

  3. Passion ~ my Lord, my family, cultivating peace
    Purpose ~ to love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul.
    Pursuit ~ to learn to love and have compassion for all people
    Position ~ grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, etc.
    Pummeling ~ fear
    Progress ~ great leaps of faith have been taken in the past year
    Personality ~ compassionate, kind, friendly, nutty and "ecclectic"

  4. Jos - Thanks, I had a good time with this one. I look forward to reading your follow up post. Take care.

    TJ and Groovy Granny - Thank you for posting your answers here, but the whole idea was for you to post a blog entry at your blog about it and tag 5 other bloggers. If you guys intend to do that, then I apologize. At any rate, it doesn't matter. I enjoyed reading your answers. I love you guys and I send you big hugs!

  5. Did I do this right spiralbutterfly? This is my first meme.