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How To Search For The Best Affiliate Programs

A best affiliate program is nothing more than a revenue sharing agreement between the merchant and the web site owner or publisher. Best affiliate programs mean more sales for merchants and more commission for publishers without any conflict. This definition may be quite amusing but it is true. Veteran online marketers will like to define best programs as online marketing tools, which help to sell a product through internet. I have inferred this definition after going through several top paying programs. To bring more clarity to this definition let us start by analyzing the need of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Information technology has made it easy to sell and buy a product through internet. Today people do not bother to visit showrooms for shopping. Everything you need is just a click away from you. It has become easier to buy a product such as latest 3G mobile phone handset, refrigerator, television, audio system or an e-book using internet. Merchants sell their products by advertising through their own web sites. They also hire space on other web sites, which have high volume of traffic and are relevant to their products. It is called affiliate marketing. The hired web site is called affiliate site. The merchant displays his advertisement on affiliate site and get bonus sales from the visitors of that particular site.

The publishers continually search for rich and well paying merchants. On the other hand, the merchants spend hours on internet searching for high traffic web sites relevant to their product. Apart from searching they have to trust each other as everything goes online. They participate in affiliate forums and post advertisements in order to find Mr. Right. Sometimes, they join affiliate marketing networks. A network provides them a common platform to share their views. It also helps in running marketing programs by providing tools such as banners, templates etc. A network behaves as a moderator between the two. The merchants disburse commissions to the publishers through network. It also keeps record of clicks etc. on the behalf of publishers for making claims.

Best affiliate programs

A marketing program is chalked out as soon as a merchant and a publisher agree to advertise a product. The merchant specifies conditions to give commission to publisher. For example, a publisher gets commission on clicks received by an advertisement in Cost-per-Click program. He has to keep record of all the clicks before making claim for commission. Such programs have taken affiliate marketing to new heights. Merchants chalk out their best programs for selling products.

How to run best affiliate programs?

The web site owner, who is taking active part in online marketing, should strive hard to generate maximum traffic for his web site. The advertisement should be eye catchy. If it is dull in colors and design, it is not going to get any response from visitors. At last the web site and the advertisement must be relevant to each other. For example the advertisement of education books should be displayed on education related web sites. Similarly merchant selling engine oil must search for automobile web site to display his advertisement.

I will write briefly on how a web site becomes an affiliate site. How can you generate revenue through your sites?

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