Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Best Social Networking Sites

Connecting with long lost friends and meeting some new ones along the way are the greatest advantages of social networking sites. These websites serve numerous purposes and combine a plethora of communications functions. Email, instant messaging, message boards, discussion groups and file sharing capabilities reflect the extent to which social networking sites connect us through the Internet.

When one thinks of social networking, MySpace usually comes to mind. reports that MySpace allows users to create profiles, friends lists and post bulletins to their friends or communities with the click of a button. MySpace also boasts professor ratings and college and high school community groups for anyone looking for those with common interests.

Facebook, another popular social networking site, began as a Harvard phenomena and eventually opened its doors to most every college, high school and eventually user imaginable. Facebook popularized ‘the wall,’ where friends can post messages to each other via their profiles.

It is no secret that the social networking craze has opened doors for many business prospects, as well. Many college students can join industry-related groups and meet new contacts through websites like Bebo and MySpace. Politicians have also jumped on the bandwagon, adding a vast online demographic to their campaign trail targeting.

Who wouldn’t feel special having Hillary Clinton on their friends’ list? Nielsen/NetRatings found social networking sites grew about 47% last year, so evidently, these sites are breaking ground for more than one reason.

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