Monday, September 10, 2007

Still No Apartment

My husband and I didn't take that apartment we were hoping for. It was a 2nd-floor apartment, and I rather prefer a ground floor apartment. Due to fibromyalgia, it's difficult for me to go up and down stairs all the time.

When we went to look at the place, I noticed that the ground-floor apartment was empty. But, when I asked the owner about it, he told me he was not interested in renting that one because he was using it for storage. Say what?

You and I both know that most rental property owners are not going to use one of their units for storage if they have a chance to rent it and make some money. So I did a little asking around about the place, and spoke with someone who lived there in the past and she told me that the place frequently flooded. Ah ha!

We decided not to get that apartment, because if the ground-floor apartment floods, then there is bound to be mold, and I don't need to live near that stuff!

It's so frustrating trying to find a place to live in this small town. We have seen some very nice places, which are way out of our price range, and we have seen some complete dumps, that I wouldn't even allow my dogs to live in. It would be nice to find a happy medium.

So...the search continues. :(


  1. I am sure the "RIGHT" one will soon come along for you and hubby :) keep up the hopes and smiles :)

  2. Hi Terry. The search continues, and I tell Charlie all the time that "our place" is out there, and we will find it when the time is right. So...I'm not worried, but it's just so crowded here.