Monday, September 17, 2007

Comparison Shopping Made Easy

Shopping is one of my great passions. But trying to find the best buys while out there can become quite a chore. Lately, I've been doing quite a lot of shopping online, and I've found this to be much easier, but there is still the hassle of finding quality products and services at the right price. But now I have found Best Buys and now my comparison shopping woes are over.

One of my shopping dilemmas has been which DVD rental service to choose: Blockbuster or Netflix. As far as I was concerned, both were great companies, but I wasn't sure which one was right for me and my family. Fortunately, I came across this article at comparison reviews. Here they compared the many features of Netflix with those of Blockbuster, including pros and cons, payment plans and title selections. Turns out, even though there is a participating Blockbuster in my town, they are probably not the right choice for us, because we are so prone to taking movies back late...heh! And if that store charges in-store late fees, (and they do), then they will also charge them for online rentals. Netflix never does. And another great feature that Netflix has that suits our lifestyle is instant online viewing. This is perfect for me and my husband, because we are always watching movies online. I doubt I ever would have known the differences between these two companies had it not been for the Best Buys Comparison Reviews.

Next time you need to compare prices and/or features of products and services, be sure to check out the Best Buys Comparison Reviews. They have compared many popular companies, including Sirius and XM, Vonage and SunRocket, Dish Network and DirectTV and many more. Give them a look next time you go shopping.

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