Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August Giveaways at SWATcash.com

This month's giveaway prizes have been posted at the forum at SWATcash.com. I think this should give you quite an incentive to join SWATcash. They are always amazing members with their great prizes. Here's the original post:

Alright guys,
I apologize for the delay in posting the giveaways for this month, but I believe all of you will enjoy what is to come.

We have:

(1) Samsung - 32" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV
Model: LNT-3253H SKU: 8249843
which will be given to the member with the most offers completed for the month of August. If there is a tie, a tie breaker will be announced at the end of the month.

(5) iPhones
which will go to the 5 members with the most new referrals that have made payout for the month of August.

(1) Nintendo Wii
which will go to the member who purchases the most defensive armory upgrades for the month.

(1) xbox 360 elite
which will go to the member who completes the most offers for SC, and not for cash.

(1) Sony Playstation 3 (80gb)
which will go to the member who purchases the most offensive upgrades from the armory for the month.

Multiple prizes may not be won by a single winner. We understand that many of you have certain advantages over others as far as offers available and items left to buy, but we ask that you please understand as there are chances to win something for everyone as well as NUMEROUS contests and giveaways that will occur throughout the forum throughout the month. Lets make this month incredible guys. Go get 'em soldiers!!

At the end of the month, winners will be posted in this thread and the prizes must be CLAIMED HERE! Unclaimed prizes will not be shipped. Thank you and good luck.

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