Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At Flixya, You Receive 100% Google Adsense Revenue

Flixya is a social network where you can set up your profile, create a blog, embed your viral videos from YouTube, Revver, Live Video, etc., upload photos, and meet tons of new friends. Your Google Adsense ads will show on all of your pages and you will receive 100% of the revenue generated.

I've been a member at Flixya for about two months and I've gotten a few clicks here and there, but I haven't really devoted much time to it, because I've been so busy over at Things aren't looking so good at Dada anymore - seems they're getting greedy and aren't showing our ads as much as theirs - so I'm going to spend more time at Flixya and see what happens.

As with any social network, Flixya needs members. The more members, the more friends you can make, and the more page views you can get - hence, the more clicks on your ads! You will get a referral URL when you join. Use it to invite your friends and spread the work about Flixya!

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to upload or embed adult content or your account will be suspended for violating terms of service. I know this from experience, but I won't go into detail. LOL!

And when you get there, go to my profile and add me as a friend and leave me a comment. (I am known as VideoVamp over there). Hope to see ya there!

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