Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sex really does sell

Yesterday, I was over at and decided I would find some racy videos and upload them to my page. I must have uploaded about 30 of them altogether. Later on, when I checked my Google Adsense account, I had made almost $40 in 24 hours. My videos had gotten around 17,000 hits! Unbelievable! If I could make $40 everyday, I'd be a happy camper!

Unfortunately, Dada took down just about every single one of them for violation of terms of service, which I don't understand. They contained no nudity, just some striptease acts by random webcam girls who put those videos up on sites in order to drum up business for themselves anyway. So I don't see what the problem is. But, no biggie. I'll just upload some more everyday, and hope to get bunches of hits before Dada comes behind me and takes them down. It really isn't that much work. But it is a bit time consuming.

I also uploaded some sports bloopers that I found on YouTube, and a few other funny things...those didn't get near as many hits as the sexy girls videos. So yeah, I guess what they say is true..."Sex sells." So I guess you know what I'll be doing from now on... *wink wink* :D

By the way, Dada took down my sports bloopers videos too? Whyyyyyy???? Makes no sense.

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  1. You've been nominated for a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award! Check out the new post on to pick up your nifty award badge! :)

  2. Google for having a Microsoft Agent Theatre episode (at about "Orgasms on Demand."

    It was just dialogue really... but Google is ga-ga-ga-strict about those things.

    Welcome back to the Mayflower, fellow puritans!

  3. Whoops...

    Part of my post got cut off. The starting line read:

    "I received a cease-and-desist email from Google for having..."