Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is my PayPal proof of payments from "Paid-to-sign-up" sites! Check it out!

Click the image to view enlarged version.

I have added the names of the sites where only the admin's name is shown. As you can see, my highest paying site was SWATcash. I absolutely LOVE that place! And I didn't have to put out the first penny! All of this cash was made free and clear! So for your reference, here are the sites that are listed in the image above, so you can go there and sign up and make some EASY EXTRA CASH too!


Keep in mind that I was only testing a few of these sites to see if they would pay, so there is potential to make much much more money. Now that I know they pay, I will definitely be returning to them and making more money!

By the way, I was also paid via check from CashCrate, a total amount of $11.30 on the 6th of March for my February earnings. My account balance there at this time is $69, so you might consider going there too!

A few others:
A few important tips on completing free offers:
  • Always clear your cookies before and after completing each offer.
  • Never use the same email for offers for the same company.
This will ensure a better chance of your offers getting approval.

Something I feel worth mentioning is that if you have a credit card or VISA/Mastercard gift card, you can do much higher paying offers. I used a Simon Gift Card a few days ago to do a $35 offer at SWATcash! It was approved today, and I only had to sign up for a trial offer that cost my card $9.95! (My new balance at SWATcash is $130 now!) I believe using a gift card for these offers is a lot safer than using a credit card, and I would never use my bank debit card because sometimes it's hard to get the trials cancelled if you need to before they charge you for the first payment to whatever it is you've signed up for. So if you can afford a $20 gift card (total cost will be $25.95 at Simon Gift Cards) you can easily make over $100 with it. Just a suggestion. It worked for me. And I will be doing it more and more.

EDIT (Aug. 6, 2007) : Most credit card offers will no longer accept gift cards of any kind. Sorry.

If you ever have any questions about these sites, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME! If I don't know the answer, I will dig it up for you!

Now go on out there and GET PAID!

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  1. Great blog! Didn't know there were so many out there. Thanks for the valuable info!

  2. You're welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

    There are many such sites out there, but I haven't tried them all. I will post about them here as I try them.

  3. U Rock!

    It's exciting to See somebody actually making $$$Money Blogging!

    Can i call U SpiralShoeMoney from now on!!??