Friday, March 23, 2007

I got my March check from - here's my proof of payment!

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Today, I received my March check from I haven't really done a lot of work there, because I've been so busy at other places. But TreasureTrooper is such a fun place! If you decide to join, be sure to check out the forums, because there are always lots of contests going on. There's also plenty of help and support at the forums if you need it -- another (even better) reason to go there.

There is a treasure hunt going on right now, and I need to get over there and get to work, so I can find that treasure! I wonder what it could be? The suspense is killing me! I have only completed enough offers to buy ONE out of the four pieces of the treasure map from Mabutu's Trading Hut, which is where you can spend the coins you receive for completing offers. Coins (gold and platinum) are an added little bonus you receive alongside your payout when you complete offers. So I guess you know where I'll be working next week!

Another nice little bonus you get is a little game you play after completing each offer. It's a shells game and if you pick the correct oyster shell, you might find a pearl! If you collect 8 pearls, you can exchange them for 2 free referrals! I have also heard tell of rubies, diamonds, and emeralds! But I'm not sure yet how you acquire those.

Now that I've psyched myself up, I'm not waiting until next week! I'm on my way there now! Hope to see you at the forums!

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