Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Is Led Zeppelin Without Robert Plant?

According to Rolling Stone, the members of Led Zeppelin are in search of a new lead singer, as Robert Plant has decided it's just not his thing to reunite with the band.

Plant: "The whole idea of being on a cavalcade of merciless repetition is not what it's all about."

No decisions have been made, but they have been holding rehearsals with such singers as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. Jimmy Page has admitted that it will not be a Zeppelin project without Robert Plant.

John Paul Jones: "There's no point in just finding another Robert. You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don't want to be our own tribute band. There would be a record and a tour, but we've got to have everybody on board. . . . What we've done so far sounds absolutely fantastic."

It's still unclear how popular this project will be, or what the commercial aspects are without the names "Led Zeppelin" or "Robert Plant." Personally, I'm excited about it, especially if Kennedy gets the job. I have always thought he had a great voice, and it's different enough from that of Robert Plant that maybe they won't fall into that dreaded "tribute band" pit.

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