Saturday, February 23, 2008

Top ‘Guy Candy’ to look for at the Oscars

Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Viggo Mortensen are just a few to look out for

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards, and while the women usually make the headlines for their fabulous fashions, some of us prefer to gawk at the guys.

So which gentlemen will have the “Access Hollywood” women craning our necks to get a glimpse on the red carpet? Find out as we present our list of the “Top Guy Candy of Oscars 2008.”

10. Jon Stewart: Though he’s likely to bustle in rather quickly thanks to his job as presenter of the famed awards show, Stewart takes our No. 10 slot for not only being uproariously funny, but for turning — in recent years — into a silver fox.

9: Josh Brolin: Diane Lane is one lucky lady. She’s been married to the ruggedly handsome son of actor James Brolin since 2004. On Oscar night, the younger Brolin will no doubt swagger up the red carpet as only this motorcycle-riding man can, as his film “No Country For Old Men” faces off for best picture.

8. Javier Bardem: The sexy Spaniard and rumored flame of Penelope Cruz is up for a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance in “No Country For Old Men.” “Access,” however, will be most interested to see if the 39-year-old will be sporting his trademark stubble or if he’ll go for a close, smooth shave as he walks the red carpet in a dapper suit.

7. Colin Farrell: It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of drooling over roguish Irishman Farrell, but we’ll finally get our fix as he heads in to help present an award at the Oscars. While we may not understand a word he tells the cameras, we are more than happy to swoon over him.

6. Viggo Mortensen: Whether he’s playing hobbit protector or ruthless killer, Mortensen is nothing short of steamy on the screen. On Sunday, look for this best actor nominee (for “Eastern Promises”) to bring his steely stare and overwhelming intensity to the red carpet.

5. James McAvoy: It’s the second year in a row that the sultry Scotsman narrowly missed out on an Oscar nomination (“Last King of Scotland” and “Atonement”), but we expect nothing to faze him as he strolls into the Oscars. Look out for his dreamy, deep blue eyes, which might make you forget for a moment that he is happily taken by his wife, actress Anne-Marie Duff. Sigh.

4. Denzel Washington: It’s hard to complete a Guy Candy list without including Washington. Even your grandma is likely to get a hot flash as the consummate thespian steps out in style on Sunday. He’ll be out in support of “American Gangster,” which is up for best art direction, while his co-star Ruby Dee is up for best supporting actress.

3. Patrick Dempsey: “Grey’s Anatomy” may have rekindled our obsession with sweet, floppy-haired Dempsey, but his movies keep us weak in the knees. “Enchanted,” in which he starred alongside Amy Adams, is up for best original song three times over, so no doubt he’ll have an extra spring in his step on Oscar night.

2. Johnny Depp: In the last year, we’ve been reminded why we love Johnny Depp so much — he’s a consummate actor (he’s up for best actor for “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street”), a doting dad (he has two children he can’t stop talking about) and he’s got a sense of humor. Plus, he’s one hell of a snappy dresser. From his overflowing locks, to his sophisticated suits, Depp adds a major dose of red carpet sex appeal that makes us melt.

1. George Clooney: He may have said he stands little chance of winning the best actor Oscar for his role in “Michael Clayton,” but Clooney is easily our favorite. He’s always impeccably dressed, well groomed and quite simply — sexy. Clooney adds to his attractiveness factor by bringing with him a host of witty barbs he often tosses to our “Access Hollywood” hosts. But we really love gawking at Clooney because in Guy Candy land, no one can resist a man who’s not only drop dead gorgeous, but funny as well.


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