Friday, February 29, 2008

Journey Has A New Singer, And Man, Is He Good!

I have been a huge fan of Journey since I was a teenager in the '80s. They were my favorite band for many years. I even got the opportunity to see them live in concert back in '83. I was sad to see Steve Perry leave the band. I was so in LOVE with him back in the day! I always thought he had such a unique voice, and there was no one in the world like him...until now.

Last week, I heard on one of those entertainment news shows that Journey guitarist, Neal Schon was surfing YouTube looking for a new singer for the band and came across The Zoo Band from the Philippines, and could not believe his ears, and neither could I when I heard them. The singer for The Zoo Band, Arnel Pineda sounds EXACTLY like Steve Perry. Neal Schon contacted the band, and at first they thought it was a joke, but he finally convinced him he was the real thing, and soon after Arnel auditioned for the job and was hired as Journey's new lead singer! Is that crazy, or what???

Well, naturally I had to go to YouTube to check out The Zoo Band's videos, and I was completely floored! Here are two of my favorites. Enjoy! I sure did!

"Don't Stop Believing"

"Separate Ways"

Not the best quality, but the performance is awesome!

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