Friday, January 11, 2008

Get Paid To Blog!

I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of the sites that pay you to blog so it will be easy for you to pick the ones you want to work with.

I do like this place, but as with many of these sites, there are advantages and disadvantages to working there. To begin, there are always assignments in my inbox and they payout every two weeks, so you don't have to wait a whole month to get paid. That is always good, no? However, as far as I can tell, there is no affiliate program in place and all the assignments pay only $5, and you can make more that that at other places. But, if you don't mind making only $5 per post, then I do recommend you try PayU2Blog, mainly because of the high volume of opportunities.

PayPerPost is probably the most popular of the paid blogging sites. However, I have run into some drawbacks. Personally, I don't like to disclose in my posts that they are sponsored. I have a site-wide disclosure policy with a link in my sidebar. I've noticed that there are some opportunities there that require adding a disclosure badge at the end of the post. However, those are few and far between these days, as more and more advertisers don't want you to disclose within the post. PPP has implemented something called Real Rank and claim that opportunities are made available to users according to this number instead of Google Page Rank. I'm not sure how it all works, but since they did this, I'm not getting as many high paying assignments. Payout is 30 days after you submit your post, and I would rather get paid in one lump sum each month, or even better, every two weeks like some of the other blogging sites. But it's still a good place to work, and they do have a nice referral program, so I do recommend it.

Smorty is my favorite of the paid blogging sites, because I get some good relevant assignments that pay very well. Not only that, but they payout each week! I was getting a bit skeptical during the holidays, because the assignments began to dwindle, but they have begun to flow in again, so I am guessing it was just the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. They do have a referral program in which you can make 5% of your referrals' earnings. This one is well worth your time, so be sure and check this one out!

Sponsored Reviews
This one is a little different than the others mentioned above, because you get a list of opportunities to view and then you bid on ones relevant to your blog. I like the way this works, because you are able to set your own price. But, be careful not to bid too high, or you won't get the assignment. And remember to take into consideration that Sponsored Reviews gets a commission from each assignment you take, but when you make your bid, you will be shown how much you get from it. I can't find on the site exactly what their commission percentage is, but just from bidding on opportunities, I figure it's around 35%, and that's not too bad. There is also a very nice referral program in place.

I have only completed a few tasks for Blogsvertise so far, so I'm not that familiar with this one. However, I thought it best to go ahead and list it here, so you can try it and see if it's for you. Assignments are emailed to bloggers as they come in. You will need to accept or decline the offer within 5 days. Like PayPerPost above, they payout 30 days after your task has been approved. The tasks I've completed have been anywhere from $8 to $14, but I don't get that many. I have changed the category and description of my blog, so we will see if that helps. They say to be very descriptive and add good tags when submitting your blog to them. Perhaps I just wasn't descriptive enough, so I have gone in and edited, so now it's just "wait and see."

I will add more sites to this list as I find them. I do know of a few more, but I want to try them out before I list them here, so I can give you a good review on them.

Happy Earning!

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  1. I've tried Smorty and I did get my first payment. Thank you so much for listing these sites! It seems to do much better than the GPT sites you mentioned since I can't get any referrals to me. Which of these "paid to blog" sites is the easiest and most beneficial to you?

    Why did you quit Wordpress and went to Blogger?

  2. Hi rpgman1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad the list helped someone. Smorty and Sponsored Reviews are the two I work with the most. I do go to PayPerPost from time to time too. However, Blogsvertise has completely stopped sending me assignments for some reason, so I haven't done anything there in a while. I have decided to just stick mostly with Smorty and Sponsored Reviews because the payout comes quicker. I hate waiting an entire month to get paid.

    Even though I hate it, I have to wait the whole month for most of the GPT sites, but it's usually worth it then. I don't have a lot of referrals at them either and I still do very well. Especially at SWATcash, because there are so many ways to make money there than just doing offers. And it's a lot of fun too.

    I quit WordPress because they don't allow you to monetize your blog over there. At the time I wanted to put up Adsense. But then Google "smartpriced" me, so I took the ads down. So now I just monetize in a different way.

    Take care rpgman1!