Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Deals For The Kids At USA, LLC

I found some great holiday deals for the kids going on at Check 'em out!

Mega Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean Play Scene, Brethren's Court

This iconic skull storage container opens up to reveal exciting Pirates of the Caribbean play scenes. Now you can build the signature locations from the film. In this set, the Brethren Court convene to decide their fate and abide by the pirates' code. Collect both Pirates of the Caribbean play scene sets to build the ultimate Shipwreck City.

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18" Boy's NEXT Surge Bike

The Next Surge is the ideal bike for your growing boy. It features front caliper (hand) brakes, plus the rear coaster (foot) brake that he's comfortable with. Chances are, this will be the first bike he rides without training wheels.

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LEGO BIONICLES Barraki: Mantax

Lurker in the shadows... the first thing you'll hear is the shifting of sand — then you'll feel his claws. With his spiked shell, vicious pincers, and sea squid launcher, Mantax hides on the sea floor waiting for his prey. By the time you've seen him, it's much too late!

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Mega Bloks Spider-Man 3 Final Battle Construction Site Playset

This deluxe construction site playset lets you build and recreate the scene of the ultimate battle between Spider-Man and all the villains from the Spider-Man 3 movie. Build the construction site and pickup truck and let the battle begin.

A real, working crane keeps the battle action moving while a special zip-line brick lets Spider-Man quickly scale the building. The Spider-Man Micro Figure even has a color change feature that reveals the symbiote, black-suited Spider-Man.

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Disney Pixar Cars 13" Color TV with Digital Tuner

Nobody knows entertainment like Disney, and nobody delivers more fun. Your little Cars fan will love this 13" color television set complete with Cars-inspired accents and fun designs. But it doesn't just look good; it boasts a digital tuner, a full-function remote control and a V-chip, which allows the blocking of programs based on their ratings category.

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