Monday, December 3, 2007

Free Ringtones!

I tell ya, everyone I know has a cell phone, including me. And each person has his or her own taste in ringtones. Personally, I prefer rock ringtones by my favorite rock artists, like Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, and Velvet Revolver. I like to assign a certain ringtone to a specific person, so I know who is calling, before I even look at my phone. The problem is, it can cost a fortune downloading all those ringtones. What I try to do is find a place that offers free ringtones. Today I had the good luck to run across They offer a broad range of ringtones, no matter your preference. From hip hop ringtones, to country ringtones, they have all your favorite artists, regardless of genre. And best of all, they're free! is a fantastic resource for all your polyphonic ringtones. So get on over there and get to downloading!

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