Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute

For those of you living in the South Florida area that are in need of a hair transplant or restoration surgery, you should visit Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro's Hair Institute. Dr. Shapiro is a specialist in "micro-mini graft" procedures and has performed over 10,000 of them since he started practicing in 1989. So even if you're not in the area, you may consider traveling to South Florida to see Dr. Shapiro about your hair loss problems. Unlike most hair replacement clinics, when you visit Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute, you will meet directly with him--not some salesman like you see in most of the TV commercials. He will personally perform the procedure with the aide of his warm and caring staff, who are skilled at what they do, and are there to make your experience as comfortable and as stress-free as possible. The procedures are only three to five hours in duration, and you will be able to go home the same day, so that is always a plus. Your first return visit will be in two weeks; after that, Dr. Shapiro will usually follow up on your progress in about ten to twelve months. Support will always be available to you during that time if you have questions or concerns. Your search is over for a competent and affordable physician for your hair-loss problems. Dr. Shapiro is the one to provide you a permanent solution.

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