Saturday, November 24, 2007

Personalized Car Number Plates

Are you looking for your own personalized car number plates for your vehicles? If so, I recommend you visit Northumbria Numbers, where you can easily search through all available prefix type personalized number plates, current style number plates and ageless car registrations to see if the plate you desire is available. It's so easy! Simply enter the name, number, car make or any combination you desire into the search box to see what is available to you. And don't forget to visit their bargain page for up to 50% price reductions. And best of all, you won't have the headache of doing all the transfer paperwork yourself - they will do it for you! Northumbria Numbers is a member of the Cherished Numbers Dealers Association, (CDNA), so you know they are reliable.

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  1. Good tip, I sometimes wondered how to get personalized number plates!

    Best wishes, Mark.

  2. Nice service,

    We have to sit in line at DMV for several hours just to find out that none of the numbers we want are available.