Friday, November 16, 2007

Foamy the Squirrel - The Episodes I Missed

WARNING: Very mature content.
I was out of pocket for about a month, due to moving and not having an internet connection at the new place. I got a little behind on a lot of things and so I missed posting a few Foamy episodes. But now I'm back online at home and thought I'd go ahead and post the ones I missed. Sorry 'bout that!

Without further ado, here for your enjoyment are the latest Foamy the Squirrel episodes from iLLWiLLPreSS, Home of the Neurotically Yours, entitled "Coffee Flavors," "A-gore-aphobia" and "Black Magic Metal."

Foamy the Squirrel is the creation of Jonathan Ian Mathers.


"Coffee Flavors"

"Black Magic Metal"

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  1. Just dropped by to say "hello!" You have a great site my friend! Keep it up! All The Best and GOD bless you! Greetings from Brazil. Your Friend from Blogging to Fame, Renato de Trindade (just famed you and your blog - Good Luck!)