Thursday, October 11, 2007

SWATcash Testimonials


As many of you know, I absolutely love the site called SWATcash. It's definitely the best GPT site out there, and I promote it heavily. Just so you know it's not only me that loves that place, I have decided to post for you here a few testimonials from other happy SWATcash members posted on this thread at SWATcommunity. And here they are:

From Penguin941:

I would like to say that SC is a wonderful site, and everyone works real hard to get us where we are. Just imagine life without SC, you'd prolly be a lot poorer. That means SC has changed your life, and when something changes your life things need to be said.

SC is the best site I have ever been on. Seriously. It gives away so much free stuff monthly, like 4 Wii, 4 ipods, and 8 other highly valuable gifts. EVERY MONTH. This month is not out of the ordinary, every single month at least 1000 dollars of prizes is given away.

From scortch9823:

As I keep trying to tell everyone I know, Swatcash is easily the best paid site out there. I have made more money off this site in one month than i have made off all the others combined. And you throw in the extras packed in this site, and it makes for the most fun I've had making money period. I know I've said this all over the place, but Swatcash, YOU ROCK!!! And a special thanks to all the admins for making it this great, and the moderators who are always on hand to help us out.

From mamaksa:

I continue to be awed and grateful for the rewards SWATcash offers the members. They thank us for every bit of time we spend on their site with all of the extras, features, contests, etc.

Honestly, I feel appreciated here.... even with just two stars to my account.. I feel appreciated and I feel like every second I spent at is very well spent.

I am incredibly grateful to all of the Administration here keeping this site not only running so smoothly - but for constantly working to keep the site growing and ahead of the rest.


From AGNJoe a.k.a. Joseph Zeug from Oak Forest, IL:

I know of no other site with the level that SWATCash hands out money from their GPT site. I mean other sites, which I won't demean have given out some good money, but SWATCash...SWATCash beats all of them HANDS DOWN.

Their level of referral payouts, the sheer amount of contests they have and the level of prizes being handed out? I know of no other site that hands out 1000.00 bucks a week, then has monthly contests to give out Xbox 360's, PS3's, Wii's, Ipod's and other MP3 players, computers, and even large screen LCD and Plasma TV's. And then the daily contests on top of that, plus random contests? Do you? If so, I'd like to hear it, but I honestly doubt it.

And to even some people like myself, who needed to help supliment our income in even the littlest way, SWATCash was there. I remember months where I had little to nothing and I had to feed my kids and when that SWATCash money came in, I was able to help by food for my kids. I owe a great deal to SWATCash, and I just wish more people knew about them.

SWATCash deserves it's kudos.

Thank you guys. You really are the best, and I can't thank you enough for being there!

If you still are not convinced, you can read many more testimonials at this thread.

UPDATE: I just found out that SWATcash recently reached 25,000 members! WOW!


  1. Hi Spiral Butterfly,
    I just signed up for SWATcash under you. Thanks for the heads up on that one!

  2. Which would be great, if the testimonials weren't posted on the SWATcommunity, as the SWATtean could just SWAT all of the bas comments away.