Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fantastic New Work-From-Home Opportunity - Digital Cash

A few of my friends have been trying to get me to sign up over at for the last couple of months. I checked it out, but it didn't seem to be for me...

...until now.

Last week, launched their new Digital Cash program, and this is probably the best online money-making opportunity I have seen so far!

Here is a run-down of how the Digital Cash program works:

You grab your digital camera, visit local businesses in your area, explain that you want to take a photo of their storefront for a brand new online directory called Explain that there is no cost to be included in the directory and that not only will a photo of their business appear, but you will also be adding their business name, address, phone number, FAX and website.

Ask for a business card or anything else (letterhead, invoice, etc.) with the company contact information on it to verify the information and then snap the photo. Before leaving, show the photo to the business contact (preferably the owner or manager) and make sure they are happy with the picture.

Tell the business representative that as soon as the photo and basic details are added to the directory they can sign in and add the 500 character description themselves.

Now, sign into your Back Office at and upload the photos you took. Then, once a week, send all business cards or other proof of contact information to Search Big Daddy.

Here is what you will be paid:

You can earn up to $5.00 per business once your submitted photo and business card (or other documents) have been approved. Payment will be made as follows:
  • Approved uploaded photo - $2.00
  • Approved verification documents received - $3.00

Here's how to get started:

First you'll need sign up for the affiliate program HERE (it's completely FREE).

Next, once your account has been verified, sign in to your back office. To do this, you will go to your search portal, which will look something like this:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "LOGIN" (it will be in red).

Then, once you're in, look at the menu on the left and find the "Digital Cash" category. This is where all the information on the Digital Cash program will be.

I know this sounds almost too good to be true, but my daughter and I went out for 2 hours last Thursday, got about 50 photos and uploaded them, and I now have $100 in my account at SBD. Once I send in all the verification documents (business cards, etc.), and they are approved, I will then receive the $3 credit for each of them. Not bad for a few hours work, eh?

Payments are sent out every two weeks, but you will be held back for 2 weeks when you first begin. My first paycheck will be sent out on October 1st. I hope it's a BIG ONE!

I am not sure how long this program will be running -- if it's a temporary thing, or a permanent one -- so it would be best to grab that cam and get started right away.

CLICK HERE to sign up now!

Update 12/07/07 - Still no check. :( I received an email stating my check would go out on December 15. I will update again toward the end of December.

Update 11/15/07 -
I tried this program, and was
never paid. SBD owes me $500 for working this program and I doubt I will ever see it. Apparently they depended on revenue from ad packages to pay us, but I guess they couldn't sell any ads. I have friends that have way more than $500 coming to them. They have "paused" the program now, and say they will bring it back at a later time. But I won't be doing it. I have boycotted until I get paid.

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  1. Hi

    Sounds really interesting. Thanks for giving the step by step information.

    The problem is I am not really good at taking pictures.

  2. Hi Roderick. Thanks for stopping by. You don't have to be a professional photographer to do this. As long as you can point a camera and click, you can do this. Just make sure you are close enough to where the business name is clearly legible in the photo, and that's it! Good luck to you.