Friday, August 24, 2007

A High Quality Furniture Store

My husband and I finally found a new place. We've been looking for over a month for just the right place that will suit our taste as well as fit our budget. This place has everything we wanted and it's very affordable. The thing we like the most about it is that it has darkly-stained, and very shiny hardwood floors throughout. What we need to do now is furnish our cozy little love nest with some high quality furniture.

Since we are just starting out on our own, we have very little in the way of furnishings, so I did a little hunting around for a bed that will match those beautiful hardwood floors. I am such a sucker for sleigh beds and when I came across this one while browsing the website of a furniture store located in Houston, Texas, I became extremely excited! This lovely Queen Sleigh Bed is a perfect match for those hardwood floors in the new master bedroom. Not to mention, it's the most beautiful bed I've ever laid eyes upon. It has a gorgeous cherry finish that will blend nicely with the other furnishings that we have. This is definitely the bed I want to buy for our new apartment.

Gallery Furniture is the ultimate source for Houston furniture. So, if you live in the area, why not pay them a visit?

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  1. oh! Congrats for your new beautiful bed.