Sunday, March 11, 2007

Work-from-home opportunity that pays - CashCrate

I received my first check from CashCrate this week. I usually will only do enough offers and surveys to reach the minimum payout when I am testing the waters of a program. The minimum payout at CashCrate is $10. I had $11.30 of approved earnings at the end of February, and I'm happy to say that I received a check from them on the 6th of March.

So, now I know this program pays, so I will be working it this month. There are many free offers to complete that do not require a credit card, and the earning potential there is pretty high.

I worked at CashCrate for a couple of hours a few days ago and all of my offers were approved and my earnings are up to $40. Not bad for a few hours work, eh? So I'll be expecting a pretty good check from them around the first week of April.

To sign up at CashCrate and begin earning free and easy extra cash, go HERE.

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