Tuesday, March 6, 2007

How to Find New Vinyl LPs

Vinyl records deliver as-yet unmatched joy and realism for playback of recorded music, but CDs seem to have taken over completely. Where can you find new records?


  • STEP 1: Call the used record stores in your area to find out whether they also carry new records.
  • STEP 2: Check chain CD stores, which periodically stock records and can usually order them.
  • STEP 3: Check Internet CD stores, as some also stock LPs. You might have to ask.
  • STEP 4: Check the Acoustic Sounds, ARS Nova, AudioMax, Elusive Disc, Hello HiFi, Music Direct, Needle Doctor, Savant Audio & Video, Turnipseed Music LP, and Vinyl Valet Web sites for audiophile LPs, imports and new releases from major labels. Get free mail-order catalogs from many of these businesses.
  • STEP 5: Check the Quality Vinyl Web site for hard-to-find items and new releases.
  • STEP 6: Check the Harvard Square Records site for brand-new copies (usually "cut-outs") of thousands of old LPs.
  • STEP 7: Visit member sites of the Record Collector's Webring, but expect to find mostly used records.
  • STEP 8: E-mail or call independent record labels to find out whether they still stock specific out-of-print LPs.
  • STEP 9: Read reviews in audio and music magazines and note format information.
  • STEP 10: Check the Schwann catalog for information about new classical releases.

Tips & Warnings

  • Major labels often do not announce LP releases of specific titles, even though the albums are available. Ask your local music store to check.
  • Independent labels, such as Rounder and Sugar Hill, have substantial back stock of LPs released in the 1980s. They are rarely advertised, but the prices are excellent.

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