Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"300" brings a whopping $70M

My husband and I don't go out the movies. We usually wait until they are released on DVD. However, we may have to make an exception this time and run out to see this awesome movie. Who would have thought that an epic movie like "300" would bring in $70 million in just one weekend? I sure didn't. I mean, I thought it would be a good movie, but I never dreamed it would be as big as this. So, if for no other reason than pure curiousity, I will have to go see this one in the theater. If you've been locked in a basement or stranded on a desert island and haven't seen the trailer for this movie, I will feature it here, so you decide for yourself if this one is worth paying the movie ticket price.

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  1. I would love to hear your reaction to this testosterone fueled thrill ride.
    I thought it was an exceptional film with amazing visuals and superb acting. The battle sequences were orchestrated like a stylishly muscular ballet carved out in several acts.